Exploring The Most Common Pests Exterminators Face

termitesWhether or not you know it, you home is vulnerable to a wide variety of pests. If these pests penetrate your home’s barriers, they can quickly wreak havoc on your home’s value and your sanity. Of course, the diversity of pests waiting to slip through the cracks is enormous. Most consumers are well aware of cockroaches, but these are not the only pests you need to worry about. Homeowners also need to be aware of rats, termites, and bedbugs. Within this guide, you’ll explore the most common pests that exterminators in Houston Texas combat frequently.


Most consumers know a thing or two about cockroaches. These pesky insects are hideous and just as dangerous as they look. Unlike some of their counterparts, roaches are capable of transmitting disease. They’ll dig through your edibles and could leave disease in their path. The good news is that cockroaches can be eliminated with the utilization of over-the-counter chemicals. Nonetheless, hiring a professional is recommended to help diminish the risks involved.


Rats and rodents are far less common than roaches, but they do plague many houses in America. Rats are very dangerous, since they too can carry and transmit disease. Also, the sheer size of a rodent can make them a frightening sight. Most people will feel their skin begin to crawl, as soon as they spot a rat. When it comes to exterminating rats, it is possible to achieve this goal on your own. However, some of the treatment techniques are fairly dangerous and best handled by a professional.


Bedbugs have sprung back to life in the past few years. They’re now more problematic than ever before and eliminating these pests is incredibly difficult. The bugs’ shell has become a little thicker and this makes it possible for them to survive the onslaught of chemical sprays. Sadly, it is almost impossible to eliminate the pests on your own. Hiring a professional will be required. There is a little good news though. Bedbugs are unable to transmit disease, so they’re slightly less dangerous than the aforementioned pests.


Lastly, Houston exterminators are forced to contend with termites on a regular basis. Termites are a double edged sword. They’re not dangerous to humans and they won’t jump out and scare you like rats. Nonetheless, termites can be very problematic and costly. Termites will do extensive damage to your home’s structure and must be eliminated rapidly. DIY extermination is not recommended. Pick up the phone and contact a local exterminator.


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