What are Fleas and How do they Affect you?

Did your cat carry home some fleas after visiting the neighbor’s cat? If so, you will need to treat the flea infestation, before it spreads throughout your home and property. Fleas are highly known for reproducing very quickly. What this basically means is that your entire home could potentially be taken over by these small insects in a matter of days. Once your discover the fleas, you will not have time to waste, which is why you need to contact the most amazing pest control firm in Boston, MA.

Ctenocephalides felis, cat flea or flea, isolated on a white background

Ctenocephalides felis, cat flea or flea, isolated on a white background

Are Fleabites Dangerous?


Fleabites are generally harmless, but they can leave their devastating mark on your body. They will bite the skin, leaving it red, itchy, and edematous. While, this is a mild allergic reaction, some victims can experience a life threating event known as anaphylactic reaction. This only occurs, when the victim is allergic to the fleabite, so an emergency room visit will be a necessity.


Flea Appearance


The flea is a tiny creature that can be visibly detected by the human eye. Of course, they are very speedy and can jump a pretty far distance. Their body is the size the top of a pen and it can vary in color from brown to dark black. The body is covered by a hard shell, which protects it from getting crushed. Of course, you can squeeze them, by putting them between two hard surfaces.


Treatment Options


Many pet owners think that they can get rid of the fleas by vacuuming and giving the pet a bath. This only has a short-term effect that will not eradicate the infestation. Instead, you will need to invest in a brand pesticide treatment and if the infestation gets out of control, you will need to contact a professional exterminator.




Fleas love pets, but they will victimize a human, if there is no animals to prey upon. Never delay contacting a professional exterminator, because the flea’s reproduction rate is extremely high.

Adapt Homemade Pest Control Methods And Keep It Affordable

Pest control management is a very crucial aspect of home management. If it is not done effectively, it can lead to an unhealthy environment. Who does not love to adapt cost effective solution? In case of pest control too, you can adapt various cost effective and homemade solution which can give you easy solution without bearing large cost. Homemade solutions are best for any problem. This not only saves money built helps in giving you eco friendly solution. However some would love to opt for professional support for the pest control company. Professional help is no doubt a good idea but it is not that lucrative and homemade solution.

pest_control methods

Best Homemade Solutions

Some of the homemade solutions arediscussed below. You can use these methods as your pest control solution:

  • You can use garlic as a natural pest repellant. Garlic happens to be a natural insect replant. This is the perfect organic pesticide for your garden which keep your garden healthy and pest free.
  • If you can plant garlic along with tomato in your garden then that can act as a natural repellant of spider. Spiders cannot get close to the area where you have garlic and tomato. This amazing pest control method that you can use for your purpose.
  • If you use garlic spray on the potato plants it can keep the rabbits away. This acts effectively ion the rabbits and helps them to keep away from your plants.
  • Garlic has more benefit than you can imagine. This particular element can be used as multi bug eliminator. You can use the garlic sprays in the pond and birdbaths for keeping mosquitoes away. This can act amazingly in keeping the mosquitoes away.
  • Apart from garlic you can also use onions. Onions can be used in keeping bugs, fleas and battles away from the surroundings. You can also use mint along with onion to make the process effective and productive.
  • Boric acid is another productive element, which can be used in keeping the bugs away. It is very effective in eliminating ants, termites, cockroaches and other such disturbing bugs from home.
  • Neem is very interesting element when it comes to homemade pest control. This can keep various insects and bugs away.
  • Tomato leaf can act as a natural insecticide. If you can crush its leaves, it will act as natural; spray in keeping the insects away.

Choose The Best Method

These above mentioned points could give you the best solution for your pest control. The top pest control in Denver Colorado can handle These are amazing homemade solution that you will love to adapt. You can use various other methods for making the pest control and management healthy and cost effective. Before you think of investing your money, you can easily choose any of these steps for a quick and healthy pest control management. So go ahead and choose the best homemade method for your garden. This will keep your environment healthy and clean. It is best to go for affordable pest control management.